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What is Fulton Virtual High School
Fulton Virtual High School is a free, innovative, online schooling option that allows Michigan high school and middle school students to take a variety of courses from home, school or anywhere there is a computer. Students eligible include:

-  Gifted and talented students
-  Home-schooled students
-  Special needs students
-  Students who need to recovery credit
-  Hospital/Homebound students

Our Courses
Choose from nearly 50 engaging, student centered courses including core subjects, foreign languages, electives, and classic novels.  Courses are accepted for credit and transferable.  

Teacher Involvement
Students are partnered with a teacher and regularly interact through email, telephone conversations, face-to-face meetings, voicemail, and instant messaging.  Students are encouraged to contact the teacher whenever needed.  

Teachers speak to students and parents about the course over the phone at least once a week.  Drop-in locations are available for students throughout the week for an added place to work or when additional assistance is required.  

Take a Virtual Tour
Fulton Virtual High School utilizes education2020, a leading supplier of one-on-one online instruction in core and elective courses.  e2020 courses are aligned to national and state standards.  Courses are rich in multimedia and engage students using animations, simulations, exploration activities, video presentations, online content, and vocabulary activities.

To access a sample of lessons go to

Extra Curricular Opportunities
As a student of Fulton Virtual High School, you have the opportunity to participate in offline, competitive activities through Fulton Alternative Education.  Activities include: football, volleyball, basketball and softball.

Monitor your child’s progress with access through your own parent portal.  Once your student’s account is created, you are able to set up a parent account.  Parent portals keep you updated on upcoming assignments and due dates and aware of your student’s progress.

Promote academic honesty at home and in the future.  As students make decisions based on academic integrity now, they become better prepared to be ethical, contributing citizens in the future.

Communicate with teachers.  You will have daily access to your student’s teacher.  They will be available to answer questions about the course and your child’s progress.  Your child’s teacher will contact you weekly to discuss the course.  

Contact Us
Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have or to learn about enrollment in Fulton Virtual High School.  

Phone: (989)236-5130
Address: 129 East George Street, Middleton, MI 48856

Last Modified on June 1, 2017